Dream a little dream…

Over the last decade or so, I’ve gone in and out of various jobs, sliding through unemployment, working full-time in tech, part-time in real-estate or athletics, sometimes one job, sometimes three, volunteering at school, with soccer, taking on direct sales with Pampered Chef and with Arbonne; experiencing a little bit of success in any of these, and also elevating my stress level a little tiny bit at a time, so that I didn’t even realize how stressed I am, and continue to be.  But that’s not what this post is about.

This post is about a dream.

Also over the last decade, I have thought of many different ways to open a yarn shop.  I would love to provide lessons and classes, luscious yarn to feel and buy and make lovely gifts.  A place to hang out and knit.  And I’m fairly convinced that I need capital.  Lots of it.  To make the haven of relaxation-through-fiber-art that I am dreaming of. I also had the idea to add a coffee counter – with a barista to make those delicious espresso drinks.  I even went so far as to meet with someone from a local organization that helps people start their small businesses.  But it was suggested to me that I create a yarn space that required a monthly subscription, and that just didn’t sit well with me.  And so the dream took a back seat.

The other part of the dream is that I would need to be able to teach.

This terrified me.  Any time I thought about it.  Not because I have trouble speaking in front of large groups, but because I thought…who wants to learn from me?  Who am I to think I can teach someone to knit?

Some might call this imposter syndrome.

But really, why was I suffering imposter syndrome where knitting is concerned?  I learned to knit in first grade.  I was 5.  (So anyone who says kids are too young to learn should go speak to the folks at The Waldorf School of Garden City and try to tell them that!)  And there were opportunities out there.  I had certainly taught friends to knit.  But I was terrified to shop my services around.  Again…what credentials did I have that would make someone want to take me on a teacher?

Well, everything happens for a reason, and my library was already offering knitting classes once a week in the morning.  And when their end of winter registration opened up and was posted on the ‘book, there were a number of comments looking for an evening class.  So terrified as I was, I emailed the library and offered to teach in the evening.

What a blessing it has been.  The students, all women (although men are welcome too!), are lovely – ranging from singles, to not-so-newly-marrieds, to grandmothers.  They picked up the needles and seem to be enjoying what they’re learning.  And we are going to keep going!

So I feel like part of my dream is happening.  Now I just need to learn to write a business plan, learn how to do the market research, and start my yarn shop!

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